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Elusive Platypus

The cooler months are the best time to visit the Mary Valley.  Well that's what we think anyway.  The cool nights and clear mornings make it the best time of year to check out our local scenary.  Spend a couple of hours and try some bushwalks in the local area.  

With clear skies during the day and mostly very little breeze, it is also a great opportunity to try your hand at some kayaking.   We recently took out our kayaks for an afternoon paddle on Borumda Dam.  There was only us and not one other sole around, except of course for the dozens of birds - pelicans, wood ducks, water foul, cormorants, egrets, blue herons to name just a few. 

The difference in air and water temperature made for some very interesting mists on the water as you can just see from the picture below.  It seems the weed in the water heats up and when the cooler air temperature arrives, well, the mist or fog appears.  It was quite surreal.

Surface mist on Lake Borumba

August is Platypus Mating Month. This extremely shy creature is tough to spot, but usually your best chance of seeing it is at sunrise or sunset. However, during mating they can also be seen during the day. Make sure to stay very quiet, and follow the trail of bubbles which indicates where the platypus will surface. Yabba Creek at Imbil is home to several, yes several, colonies of platypus but you still have to be lucky to see one.

Afternoon overlooking Yabba Creek looking towards Rail Bridge

For an afternoon of spotting, we suggest a bottle of red (or white if you prefer), a picnic blanket and a cheese plate (Kenilworth, of course) to help pass the time while waiting to catch a glimpse. We can arrange this for you during your stay at Mary Valley Views B + B. Book now at