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Happy New Year

Isn't it wonderful to see the centre of Queensland getting some worthwhile rain at last?  In some places, the only rain they've had for four years or more.  

Let us hope too that our farmers can now benefit from this rain.  You have to admire their determination to continue to stick out that life I reckon.  It must be very hard to watch crops die and animals suffer all due to the lack of rain.  

Some folks on social media have slammed the city folk for spending money on fireworks on New Year's instead of funneling all that money to the farmers.  I guess we should direct our suggestions and ideas in this regard to our politicians and our big businesses instead.  We all have to start appreciating and using our local produce if we are to be heard in this and not just give it lip service.  "Someone should do something about it" start's with us really.  

Let's start making choices with our food.  Buy real, buy local.  If may cost a little more but if you support an Aussie farmer you support sending his kids to school.  Farming is this country's heritage after all.  And eating is pretty important hey?  Maybe even more important that fireworks on New Year's Just saying.