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Support Your Local Farmer

The Dagun Growers Markets at Dagun Railway Station are run by Mary Valley Country Harvest.  These markets are open every Saturday from 3.00pm. Make sure you get there early to get the freshest and best produce that is grown in the Mary Valley and Gympie region.

Dagun Markets have changed the set up a bit these days too.  You can meet the farmer that grows the produce and hear their story.  Learn why they grow what they grow, how they grow it and how to get the best from the produce direct from the horses mouth so to speak.

Dagun Growers Market is timed to start at 3.00pm so that you can get your staples at the bigger shops in Gympie and then drop out to Dagun; it's only about 15 minutes from Gympie, to get fresh produce.  

If you want to enjoy real food, real fresh, then Growers Markets are for you.  But don't be fooled.  Some "growers markets" stalls aren't really run by farmers.  Make sure you introduce yourself to the farmer and ask them about the product.  You'll be amazed to hear their stories and maybe even learn something or try some different foods.

Below are just some of the great farmers you could meet.  Hope to see you there on Saturdays.  Maybe you'll even see our very own Sunshine Coast Foodie Chef Martin Duncan.  If you do, ask him for his secret recipe for scones.  If he parts with it you'll need some fresh strawberry or feijoa jam and some Cooloola Cream to go with them of course.  

Don't forget every second Wednesday in Gympie Town Centre at the Memorial Park, Gympie Regional Produce have growers markets from 7.00am.  These are true growers markets as well and they have great produce from all over the area not just the Mary Valley.  Prawns and seafood from Tin Can Bay.  Try some Goat Salami.  Macadamias from Goomboorian.  Lime products. And don't forget to check out the products made from Lemon Myrtle as well as some fresh honey or some fudge.  Oh dear, have to stop now, getting hungry just thinking about all this wonderful food.